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Honest Foods for Health

Honest Grocer seeks out the finest organic and natural foods available and make them available in Indonesia. We sell ingredients as well as ready-made food & snacks to help you achieve clean eating.

Honest Grocer has an unshakable commitment to being honest about the food we sell. What does our honesty mean? To inform customer as much information about our products as much as we can. Why do we think it’s important? We believe that it is very important for people to always know what they eat.

Honest Grocer is passionate about healthy and clean eating. There are many definitions of healthy eating because different people have different needs and purposes for healthy eating. Nevertheless, most of definitions of healthy/clean eating involves choosing to remove processed and refined food and replacing them with real and whole foods. Real foods include fresh fruits & vegetables, whole meats, whole grains and much more.

Honest Grocer embraces different perspectives people have on health and nutrition. Some people choose to be vegans but others don’t think that is necessary for health. Some people follow the raw food diet, paleo diet and others just follow their own eating program! We want you to choose what’s right for you!

Happy Healthy Eating!


Honest Grocer